Group Business Overhead Expense Insurance

If a covered Illness or injury ever prevents you from working, ACOG's Group Business Overhead Expense Insurance can help keep your practice afloat.

Not available in all states.

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Coverage Details

  • Eligibility— Members under 60, in good standing, residing in the U.S. (except MO, NH, NV, OR, VT, WA, or Territories) or Canada (except Quebec), or working full-time (actively performing regular duties at least 26 hours per week) are eligible to apply.
  • Range of Coverage — The amount of coverage you need will vary. Members and spouses may choose from $1,000 to $15,000 (up to $5,000 if between the ages of 55 and 60). There are two plans available; refer to the brochure for more information.
  • 30-day look — If you're not completely satisfied with the terms of your Certificate of Insurance, you may return it, without claim, within 30 days. Your coverage will be invalidated, and you will be sent a refund. No questions asked!
  • Exclusions — See the brochure to learn more about the exclusions and limitations of this policy.

Applying is Quick and Easy

Visit our online application portal

Answer the provided questions

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From there, just sit back and relax while we do the underwriting process.
We’ll contact you if any additional information is required.

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ACOG is proud to partner with New York Life Insurance Company

New York Life is the number one insurer in the Association marketplace in the United States.

We have the highest possible rating from independent third-party reviewers.

New York Life has been a leader in insurance since 1845. Our history is a testament to our service.

ACOG’s Group Business Overhead Expense Insurance is underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company (New York Life). New York Life is a leader in the association group insurance field, providing life and health insurance policies for associations. The company has an enduring commitment to its customers' financial security. Regardless of the state of the economy or the stock market, New York Life bases its financial decisions on the guiding principle of serving its clients. New York Life Insurance Company has received the highest ratings for financial strength currently awarded to any U.S. life insurer by all four major rating agencies including Moody’s Investor Service (Aaa), Standard & Poor’s (AA+), Fitch Ratings (AAA), and A.M. Best (A++).*

New York Life is licensed/authorized to transact business in all of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada. However, not all group policies it underwrites are available in all jurisdictions.

For more details, including features, costs, eligibility, renewability, limitations, and exclusions download the Group Business Overhead Expense Insurance brochure.

*Individual Third Party Ratings Reports (as of 6/22/22)